Sargent Buzzkill


It had been a long time since he had a toke. He was going insane. He wasn’t alone in this frustration half of the country was pissed about the new crack down on drugs. The war on drugs had been won and it wasn’t druggies that had won. They bread a new dog half animal half machine. There was no way to hide the scent of any drug from these beasts. They took out every drug source in America. This brought on a whole new war from all country’s that run the drug industry get pissed and start a massive war. The army has such few recruits they start a program offering all druggies all the drugs they want and all they have to do is sign up. Well Pipe as he will soon be known was never afraid of a fight and the money was decent if you live. His brother signed up the day they announced it. He told himself he was doing it to protect his brother but each step closer to the sign up station made him want his weed all the more, he could practically taste it when he got up to the desk.
“Drugs of choice?” asks the Sargent standing behind the desk.
“umm weed. Don’t really do much els.” pipe replies nervously.
“Previous work expirerencs?” the Sargent asks.
“Worked construction most of my life. Been on a recking crew last few years.” pipe replies
” Your new name is pipe hammer! Go to the buss we will be leaving for base camp shortly!” the Sargent says
Confused by his new name Pipe walks over and joins the rest of the recruits on the bus. He finds an empty seat near the back of the bus. Most of the other passengers are obvious hard core drug addicts. Tweakers and boozers all with the fucked up skin, cold sweats, and the jitters. It’s was kinda hard to believe any one could win a war with these low lifes.
Most stoners just gave up but pipe was never a fan of the world let alone having to deal with it sober. He always felt that life was a war he would never win. So being forced to fight for happiness was nothing new to him. Tearing down a house or tearing apart a person he was willing to do what he had to to live. He knew that no person alive was truly innocent. We all deserve to die for one reason or another.
It wasn’t long before she walked up and asked” Mind if I sit here?”
Pipe looks up at the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen in his life. Struck dumb by her good looks he is only able to give a small grunt.
” Strong silent type hu? That’s ok I like a guy who doesn’t run off at the mouth.”She says as she slides in next to him.
After a few minutes of silence Pipe manages to ask”So what’s the name they gave you?”
“Blaze. I kinda dig it you know. What did they saddle you with?” She asks as she takes in her surroundings.
“Pipe Hammer but just call me Pipe. So I wounder how long we have to wait before we get our shit.”Pipe says but he doesn’t have to wounder long.
The second after he said that an army sargent walks on to the bus and says” Hello junkies! I am Sargent Buzzkill!All right you low lifes we are about to head out! We will be arriving at our base camp in about an hour. When we get their you will each be given your equipment and as I’m sure many of you are dieing to know yes this is when you get your first supply of your drugs. After you receive your gear you will be sent out. After you’re first supply runs out you will not get any more until you get your first kill. Each kill gets you more drugs. Your weapons are each made to hold and dispense your supply. It is up to you to figure out how! Now I don’t want to hear a fucking word until we arrive at our destination!”

The base camp looked more like a detox clinic then a military base. A small med tent was set up in the middle of the camp. The twenty guards standing around it made it pretty clear that was where they were storing the goods. Pipe was more interested in the metal storage shed that everyone was being lead to and lined up outside.
Sargent Buzzkill was standing in front of the two giant metal doors waiting for everyone to get into formation. During his wait the junkies start to get restless and the murmuring was becoming overwhelming when Buzzkill suddenly fired his gun into the air.
Everyone but a handful of hard asses shut the fuck up instantly.
“Fuck this shit! When the fuck am I gettin my shit!” a hulking monster of a biker demands.
Without saying anything Sargent Buzzkill raises his gun and blows a hole through the bikers skull. A little unlucky tweaker who had happened to have the misfortune of standing behind the dead man caught the full splatter into his face.
“Any other questions? I didn’t think so! Now when I open these doors you will each receive your gear and some of the craziest god damn weapons I have ever seen in my life! Each weapon has been designed to suit its user! This means we will not be waist any time or money training you worthless bums! I suggest each of you get to know your weapons well! It will be your only companion in the field! As well as your only source of the precious drugs! Like I said on the buss it is up to you to figure out how it works! Now enough standing around you maggots!” Sargent Buzzkill shouts and kicks open the doors.


Zombie story part 6: a cheat and a hero

The mausoleum was dark,freezing cold ,and smelled horrible but at least it got them off the streets.
Helana is busy texting her friends while Louis is going through the pack he managed to grabbed. Suddenly there’s a knock on the door.
“Shit! They fallowed us.”Louis says grabbing his sword.
“Louis wait I told someone to meet us here.”
“who the hell did you tell to meet us here? We’ve barley been here half an hour.”
“I….I don’t love you. I’m leaving with Mark. If I’m going to die I want to be with the man I love.
He is about to say something more but before he can the door is open and she is gone. He considers going after them and maybe taking this Mark out but he decides shes not worth it.

Louis wakes Alice with coffee in hand and a plate of eggs and bacon on a fold out table he had set up in front of the cot.
“Oh my god that smells so good.” she says through a giant yawn.
“Always best to fuel up before heading out. Oh don’t worry Toki I didn’t forget about you.” he says to the whining dog as he opens a can of dog food and puts it in a bowl. Then he tops it with two whole pieces of bacon.
“So after were done eating we will head out to look for those friends yours. “he says as he helps himself to a plate of food.
They eat in silence watching a Futurama DVD. After the food digests and they are all packed they head out.
Louis doesn’t carry much when he sets out. A almost empty backpack that holds only a first aid kit and two bottles of water. His sword is strapped to his belt, his leather jacket held his ciggs and pocket knife,and a baggie of dog treats. His jeans held two lighters and his keys.
Alice kept her belongings a secret except a hunting dagger she was planning to use as a weapon. Louis laughed at her holding the knife.
“Here take this you really don’t want these monsters getting close enough that you could use that thing.”
He says as he hands her a bat with giant nails stinking out near the top.
“Holy crap! This thing will definitely do some damage!” she says happily
“Keep it. It might just save your life one day.”Louis says as he leads her out the door.

“So where we headed?”Louis asks as he locks up the door.
“It was just a couple of blocks from here that we got ambushed. I think we should start there.”Alice answers
“Ok lead the way. Come on Toki stay close.”he says tossing the dog a treat.
On their way down the second block they run into a stray. A naked middle aged woman is eating the guts of a cat when she notices them. She is on her feet and charging at them do fast Louis barley had time to pull his sword. The crazy bitches hands are just wrapping around Alice’s throat when he brings the blade crashing down into her skull. Blood splatters in all directions and the lady falls to the ground with a thud sword still imbedded in her skull.