My Dawn of the Dragons fighter


My Code: hqmmifnj if you play feel free to add me to your army as you can see I’m an ok lvl


Favorite Games list 2

Games I love list two:

The God Father ps1 one and two ps3. Part two has a fun online part but some probs.

Balders gates :always fun rpg.

American McGee Alice in wonderland and the madness returns both ps3:Twisted and buitifuly dark.

Lollipop chainsaw ps3 :silly zombie killer. Hope you like the song Hey Mikey.

Duke Nukems: love these games.

Dead spaces :Dark horror style shooter. In space only the creatures will hear you scream.

dragon quest 8 journey of the cursed king: I played this game for years. Takes so long to beat. Still a all time Fave.

Star Crafts: awesome online multiplayer computer game. I love the zerg. Still need to get the new games.

Diablo: everyone knows this one


List of bad ass games I love

Games I love: list one:)
Silent hills
Grand theft autos
World of war craft
Resident evil s
FInal fantasies
Twisted metals
Infamous one and two
Deadly premonition
Army of two
Devil may cry
Little bigs
Vampire the masquerades
God of wars
Black and whites
Assassins creeds
Elder scrolls
Dead space

I’ll make another list at some point