Possessed doll


Got this doll online a few days back. The doll is old that’s for sure. The seller claimed that they had seen a demon at the foot of their bed when trying to sleep. After locking it in a closet they heard growling, a scream, and scratches inside the closet. After that they took the doll along with a few others to a psychic. The psychic picked this doll out and claimed that it was haunted by a demon. So after a few more creepy things they sell it for cheap.

I am into real ghost stories so I like the idea of it tho I have yet to experience anything odd. I am the kind of guy I hear I creak in a haunted house I run toward the sound. I have done a few tests but nothing to report other then my dog doesn’t seem to like it. He keeps barking at it but he likes to bark so that’s not odd:)