Zombie Story part 7: The hit man

A biker sits alone in a dark old bar taking shots of tequila and every few minutes he snaps his fingers signaling the bartender to fill it up. The bar is empty except for two barflies and an aging prostitute who’s trying to offer the bartender a blow job for a few drinks. The biker watches the door. When the whore makes her way over to his table to proposition him it’s just as he snaps his fingers for another drink.
“hey there handsome! How would you like to buy a girl a drink? I can make it worth your while.” she says leaning on the table reveling her saggy cleavage.
“oh stop bothering the man Molly. Don’t make throw you ass out again.” the bartender warns as he pores the shot.
“oh we’re just having a friendly conversation. Aren’t we honey?” Molly says eyeing the biker who shoots the shot pulls out a cigaret and lights it. As if to answer her question he blows a cloud of smoke into her face.
“Ass Hole!” She says and the she drifts off to one of the barflies. The door to the bar swings open and in walks a well dressed man carrying a briefcase. He looks around his surroundings then spots the biker. He seems very nervous. He walks over to the bar gets a drink and then heads for the bikers table.
“Hi… Umm I got all of it right here..
I’m sorry I’m late it took a while to get it all together and traffic was a bitch.. Your still gonna you know take the job right?” the man asks nervously.
The biker just sits there smoking his cigaret.
The nervous man was sweating bullets. He had expected this to be a simple hand off but now this biker was stone walling him. He knew better then to push the man to hard. Never put pressure on a hit man you intend to hire.
The biker was about to speak when suddenly one of the barflies went berserk. He suddenly jumped on the man sitting opposite him and before anyone could react he was biting into the mans shoulder like a wild animal. Another man runs over and tries to get the lunatic off the man but he ends up getting attacked next for his trouble. The mad man is ripping the flesh off the would be heros arm when the first victim jumps to his feet and tackles another drunk that had been watching the situation just a little to closely.
Before the biker knew what was happening the man who intended to hire him was being eaten alive by the bar skank that had hit on him earlier. Before any of the freaks decided he looked like a good meal he was on his feet guns drawn. The first bullete ripped through the crazed sluts head.
“That’s for costing me money bitch!”Then his guns go to work on the rest of the crazed freaks who had just taken notice of him.

Zombie story part 6: a cheat and a hero

The mausoleum was dark,freezing cold ,and smelled horrible but at least it got them off the streets.
Helana is busy texting her friends while Louis is going through the pack he managed to grabbed. Suddenly there’s a knock on the door.
“Shit! They fallowed us.”Louis says grabbing his sword.
“Louis wait I told someone to meet us here.”
“who the hell did you tell to meet us here? We’ve barley been here half an hour.”
“I….I don’t love you. I’m leaving with Mark. If I’m going to die I want to be with the man I love.
He is about to say something more but before he can the door is open and she is gone. He considers going after them and maybe taking this Mark out but he decides shes not worth it.

Louis wakes Alice with coffee in hand and a plate of eggs and bacon on a fold out table he had set up in front of the cot.
“Oh my god that smells so good.” she says through a giant yawn.
“Always best to fuel up before heading out. Oh don’t worry Toki I didn’t forget about you.” he says to the whining dog as he opens a can of dog food and puts it in a bowl. Then he tops it with two whole pieces of bacon.
“So after were done eating we will head out to look for those friends yours. “he says as he helps himself to a plate of food.
They eat in silence watching a Futurama DVD. After the food digests and they are all packed they head out.
Louis doesn’t carry much when he sets out. A almost empty backpack that holds only a first aid kit and two bottles of water. His sword is strapped to his belt, his leather jacket held his ciggs and pocket knife,and a baggie of dog treats. His jeans held two lighters and his keys.
Alice kept her belongings a secret except a hunting dagger she was planning to use as a weapon. Louis laughed at her holding the knife.
“Here take this you really don’t want these monsters getting close enough that you could use that thing.”
He says as he hands her a bat with giant nails stinking out near the top.
“Holy crap! This thing will definitely do some damage!” she says happily
“Keep it. It might just save your life one day.”Louis says as he leads her out the door.

“So where we headed?”Louis asks as he locks up the door.
“It was just a couple of blocks from here that we got ambushed. I think we should start there.”Alice answers
“Ok lead the way. Come on Toki stay close.”he says tossing the dog a treat.
On their way down the second block they run into a stray. A naked middle aged woman is eating the guts of a cat when she notices them. She is on her feet and charging at them do fast Louis barley had time to pull his sword. The crazy bitches hands are just wrapping around Alice’s throat when he brings the blade crashing down into her skull. Blood splatters in all directions and the lady falls to the ground with a thud sword still imbedded in her skull.